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About Therapy for Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and Depression share some common features:

At Psychology and Living we find that human beings are quite capable of re-skilling with more effective responses.

We use an overall approach that aims to address the 4 features above while simultaneously encompassing processes for re-skilling.

We often make use of breathing with direct bio-feedback and encourage people to become aware of what they are doing at the micro-process level. We have found that the sooner an individual becomes aware of an unhelpful process, the easier it is for them to do something to change it in the actual situation.

The overall approach for both Anxiety and Depression is one in which clients will first be given some tools/strategies to help them in their daily lives. Then we move into phases of identifying and acknowledging cause, releasing unhelpful agendas, grounding and balancing in respect of what is real, and micro-process re-skilling.